Due to the COVID19 Pandemic all appointments will be completed online using Zoom. We will go back to meeting in person when it is safe to do so.

Private Yoga Classes


Do you find that you have such a busy schedule and can’t make it to a studio class? 

Are you just starting out and are a bit nervous going into a busy gym or studio? 

My one on one private style classes are personalized to your specific health goals and concerns, at a pace set for you that works with your routine. Yoga is known to have many benefits to the body including; improving muscle tone, improving balance, increase strength, clam the mind and quiet stressors.  


$45 + *Travel


*Travel fee’s will be added on for classes hosted more than 15 minutes away. 

Private Group Classes 


There is nothing like the energy created along side peers in group yoga class. Group classes can be a great way for friends to create a deeper bond, bring family together, or a way to create trust and reduce injury for sports teams. When you take time to focus on breathing and movement as a group you are supporting others while taking care of yourself. When you make commitment to others you are more likely to stay accountable and stick to it. 


$90 + *Travel (includes up to 5 people, $10 for each additional person


*Travel fee’s will be added on for classes hosted more than 15 minutes away.

Corporate Yoga


I also offer my classes in a corporate environment, creating customized programs based on the level and needs of your employees. Exercise not only decreases stress hormones like cortisol but it also releases endorphins making us feel happy. When you have happy employees they are more focused and creative bringing a positive effect throughout the organization. 


Your employees will also find a large benefit with incorporating movement and stretching into their lifestyle. Yoga is known to improve sleep, bring more energy, improve digestion, bring clarity, release stress.


Invest in your employees by offering corporate yoga classes and you will be sure to see the return on your investment. 

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