When I met with Georgina, she was extremely welcoming and listened to my concerns. She answered all my questions and knew what she was talking about. Georgina was very thorough, she listened about my symptoms and my medical diagnoses.She made recommendations that really helped including exercise, nutrition and supplements to consider. She made connections that I had never thought about and gave me a better understanding; Was truly a wonderful experience.
Jessie T.
RDN Maintenance
I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude and appreciation for the service which Georgina has provided to me. Her knowledge and approach was so easy to receive and apply into my daily routine. Throughout my life I have sought out alternative means of health remediation as I firmly believe that much of the pain, discomfort and sickness in our lives are brought on through poor diet and nutrition.Georgina has a kind nature and an easy presence. She is mindful and present and really listens to the needs of her clients. I know that she is going to be a great resource for so many people with the passion she has for health and nutrition. The slight and great alterations she has helped me achieve in my life have given me quick relief with symptoms I was experiencing and also a path for further progression with my health and wellness. I will definitely be continuing to see Georgina and trusting in her recommendations.
Michelle M.
Business Owner

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