Using an extensive analysis, I am able to identify nutritional deficiencies or imbalances in your body and create an individualized plan for your needs.  After a complete assessment which covers body, mind and spirit is completed you will receive an individualized protocol with supplement recommendations, lifestyle recommendations, and dietary changes. 

A 3 to 6 months continuous series is suggested to find the root cause of the symptoms to prevent reoccurrence. 

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Increase your energy, better your digestion, reduce pain, melt away stress, support cardiac function, improve lymphatic function, improve flexibility, there are endless reasons to join me for a private or organized group session.  

Currently able to teach gentle, Hatha, power flow, or deep stretch yoga to nourish your body, mind and spirit. 


*Not currently available* 





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One hour informative talk on the importance of healthy eating. Receive realistic tips and tricks on how to incorporate healthier choices into your daily lives. Boost your team’s performance by giving them the tools they need to reach optimal health. 

Healthy staff means a healthy workplace!

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Meeting at one of my top choice grocery stores and we can go through your regular grocery shop routine. I will help you choose healthy options and recommend my top brands, teach you how to read labels, which ingredients to avoid, and what marketing terms to look out for. With offerings such as food storage tips and show you how to navigate the store for your healthiest options. 

*session is 90 minutes, groceries not included

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Are you looking to change what your eating for healthier choices, but unsure where to start. First, that can mean cleaning out your kitchen to make room for new food choices. When looking to get healthy the first rule to follow is only keep healthy food in the house! 

Allow your family to make healthy choices without pressure of having unhealthy options in the pantry. Together we can go through your kitchen and I will teach you why you need to ditch certain foods and my top favourite replacements.

The kitchen clean-out is perfect to pair with my private grocery shop tour at a discounted rate.

*Not currently available*

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