As 2018 has come to an end and we all take a look back on the last year, let’s try to also think of the positive events. It’s a good habit not only to list the things we want to resolve or change in the new year but also list the things and experiences that we are grateful for. 


My immediate thoughts about New Years resolutions are that I don’t like the focus on “I failed last year, here’s to a new start” surrounding the goals we seem to make. I don’t like to focus on the negative; what I did not achieve. I’d like to think that I have only learned how to better succeed the next time I try. And in most cases I will try again.


So this year I changed my mind and tried something new compared to last year while carrying over the things I am still working on. If I had followed suit after looking at my resolutions written for 2018 I would have seen that though I tried for a few weeks to train I did not complete in a triathlon, nor did I run a 10km event race. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t a great year. 

What I accomplished in 2018!


-I graduated from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition as I Registered Holistic Nutritionist!

-I hiked 30 km of Manning Parks incredible Heather Trail opening weekend with my husband where I injured my Achilles tendon then had to hike 17km with a 35lbs pack and a limp.

-Due to my injury I was able to focus in on my career goals where I planned and launched my new business – Athyrium Wellness, as a health and wellness consultant.

-I got better with communicating in my relationship (still a work in progress)


It was a big year for me, with many stumbles along the way but I learned how to create a business plan and proposal. I learned about some financial planning and projections (which I cannot say is a strong suit of mine). I have learned that it takes lots of self encouragement and organization to stay on track. I have learned that things don’t usually turn out the way you plan but if you don’t plan it will never be anything but a dream. 


This next year is going to be a year for rebuilding my boundaries and self confidence. After a rough few years dealing with grief I am ready to turn inward and step out of my comfort zone.


2019! Another year for growth, change and learning 🙂

 I have chosen a few things that are most important to me and a feeling that I wanted as a result of those most important. Previous to this year I always had relationship or financial goals that ended up at the top of my list but this year I wanted to try something different


Self-care was at the top of my list this year and the feeling I wanted to come out with is acceptance. 2018 was a year with anxiety, shame and feelings of self doubt. To change that I am going to work on being present with the moment without disturbing my inner peace or trying changing the outcome. I want to wake up earlier, eat a colourful breakfast, and spend more time brushing my hair. I am going to work on being more organized with plans while not struggling to accept what is handed to me. Failing to accept reality has a way of creating additional suffering where there is already pain and that is something I have been to familiar with. I am going to work on my physical activity and keep involved with my yoga and meditation practices to find grounding in my always active mind.  


Relationship resolutions were second on my list for 2019 and the feeling I am wanting to work on is Vibrance. When I think of my relationships I feel strength and balance. When thinking of family and friends I see a vibrant love. I want to inspire those in my life and leave them feeling energized and empowered. This year was hard on my husband and I with our busy schedules and stressful lifestyle which made it hard for time together without distractions. When there is so much going on balance slowly took the back seat and by the end of the year I think we have both realized the discomfort we placed on each other when we weren’t putting energy into our own self care. I am going to change the words I am using when in confrontations to be more positive and constructive rather than negative and pointing fingers. I am wanting to reduce my anxiety and put more effort and time into those who love and support me.


My Business resolutions are connected with my self care resolutions but the feeling that I have chosen to work on is courageous. While working on being my most authentic self living in the moment without self-doubt or fear. I will be capturing moments along the way to inspire growth in others in their own journey. With more self confidence and with new learning opportunities Athyrium Wellness will be taken to a whole new level of mental health and self-care with new Yoga and Meditation services being offered starting summer 19’. I can’t wait to be working with and supporting so many loving, alive with spirit, bad ass women back to optimal health so we can all check off our goals for 2019!


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