From a young child I have had a connection with nature. My family moved every few years generally to small neighbourhoods in the Oceanside area, Central Vancouver Island. I spent more of my time exploring the surrounding Forrests and creeks with my sister and other neighbourhood kids then I was ever indoors. When I was upset with my parents, fighting with my siblings, or avoiding my math homework, I would take to the trails  or the beach with my little red bike. I didn’t know at the time but getting outside can be a very beneficial way to relieve stress and work through your emotions. To this day going to explore a new place is one of my all time favourite things to do. 

Stress has become an unavoidable symptom of our society but fortunately we are lucky to call Vancouver Island our home. Our beautiful island is built of vast wilderness that is fairly accessible most times of the year. Sometimes when we are in routine; working, eating right, balancing chores, friends, and families, it is easy to fall behind on our self care and forget to schedule time with nature. I myself have gone into the vortex of being overwhelmed with tasks. When finding myself back in nature, really feeling the calm and beauty of life then realizing that it was what was missing from my routine. Here I will be posting some of my adventures, my favourite trails and views with directions so you can go and check them out yourself. I will also be posting occasional group walks for those who want company. 

How often do you get outside?

Making an effort to spend time outside can have significant health benefits. Studies have shown that wilderness can improve vitality, balance blood pressure, boost immunity, improve mood, and increase productivity.  

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